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Oct 16, 2012 10:00pm PDT
is not just the latino vote but immigration. i have a quick clip i want to play from the way mr. romney responded to a question, a very conservatively worded question. a woman asking about what the candidates would do about people who don't have green cards but who are productive members of the society. this is mr. romney's response in part. >> i will not grant amnesty. i'll put in place an employment verification system and make sure employers who hire people who come here illegaly sanctioned for doing so. so for instance, i would not give driver's licenses to those who have come here illegally, as the president would. the kids of those that came here illegally. those kids should have a pathway to become a permanent resident. >> on that specific issue mr. romney promised to veto the dream act. president obama took it to him on that issue. >> i think it was a big missed opportunity when talking to latinos particularly in nevada and colorado. much of the answer was formulated on what he's not going to do. what he's going to oppose as to what he's going to do for the community. to underst
Oct 16, 2012 9:00pm PDT
he's panering the latino vote, doesn't want to be tough on illegal immigrants. there is more to the picture. this is what is happening to the people who are being arrested. this is the record of deportations from 2000 up until 2011. they were quite low, but under barack obama, they have steadily risen when you get to his time here, look, that was rising under george bush, 2009, this is the highest level that we have ever seen under any president in terms of deportations. barack obama embraced the policy of george bush. he's increased funding for the border, more guards, more motion detectors and cameras, more drones and airplanes and helicopters, so much so that when you combine it with the economic changes, that have made a lot of jobs here dry up, the pew hispanic center says we have a net illegal immigration in this country of about zero. so barack obama can properly say he has engaged the issue of illegal immigration. on the more narrow count, what mitt romney said about producing immigration reform, he's absolutely right on this. barack obama did promise he would have co
Oct 22, 2012 6:00pm PDT
campaign is going to be to rally some of his core supporters, latinos, women voters, african-americans to offset some of the potential losses in other groups. the other thing that the obama campaign tonight is touting, their ground game. they have been working on this for over a year. they feel like that is a strength. and tonight they are also saying that president obama had a strong performance, saying that he was authoritative without being too aggressive, but i'm sure that's something that will be debated quite a bit over the coming days and weeks. >> kristen welker, peter alexander, again, just two members of our traveling team. this is when the going gets tough, 14 days to go. when we wake up tomorrow morning with, again, nationally at least a race that stands at 47%-47%. a couple of things to tell you about in addition to a summation on your late local news tonight, it's important that you know about "today" tomorrow morning. tomorrow savannah guthrie will have her interview with republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan. matt lauer will have his interview with
Oct 16, 2012 6:00pm PDT
's latinos, while president obama was offering specific prescriptions for women's health, for example, for immigration policy, mitt romney said the most important thing, whether you're a student, you need a job. you need a better economy. whether you're a woman asking about pay equity he said you need a job you need a better economy. for him it kept coming back to the same point again and again and again through the 90 minutes. >> ifill: that last question which gave each candidate a chance to redefine himself to clear up a little misunderstanding about themselves was their strategy going into this debate tonight for each of those candidates abt wh they wanted to do and how they wanted to come away? >> well, i think in the case of president obama, it was certain to be much more aggressive and to lay out a much tougher case against governor romney than he had in the previous debate. for governor romney, i think it was to make sure that he gave as good as he got. i think governor romney had some good moments in this debate tonight. i think he was really on his message talking about the
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)